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Neoprene Car Coasters

Neoprene Car Coasters

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Car Coasters - Mix and Match Your Desired Prints!

Protect your car from spills and stains with our super cute car coasters. These coasters are designed to keep all your cup holders clean, dry, and free from damage caused by spills. They are made from a soft neoprene material that is highly absorbent, ensuring that any moisture is quickly absorbed and kept away from the surface of your cup holder.

Choose from a wide selection of prints to mix or match with your interior design. These car coasters not only protect but also add a touch of personality to your ride.

Crafted for Convenience

Our car coasters are crafted for convenience. They fit snugly in any standard size cup holder and can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement when needed.

Protect Your Investment

Investing in our car coasters means protecting the value of your vehicle by keeping it clean, dry, and free from stains caused by spilled drinks or condensation buildup.

Order now to enjoy the convenience of our stylish yet practical Car Coasters!

  • Diameter 2.75 inch
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